Do you want to buy a house, but are unsure about the processes, and wish that there was someone out there who could mediate on your behalf with the bank to ensure that you get the optimum bond finance available to you? Well, in this case wishes do come true!

Emryn Wealth is all about securing your future. One of the greatest investments available to you is your own home. Our professionals are willing to stand on your behalf, and deal directly with the banks for you, ensuring that the job is done to the maximum efficiency.

The property game comes part and parcel with terms and procedures that are rather daunting to the first time buyer. Let our team of brokers sit with you and explain in depth terms such as Transfer Costs, Bond Registration (and the costs involved), Deposit down-payment, Transfer Duties, and Rates Clearance Certificates. After all, an informed buyer is a happy buyer.

Why involve us?

  • We will assist you with the advice about the intricacies of home buying.
  • We will give you the best chance of receiving an approval.
  • By doing all of the legwork, we will ensure that if you are approved, you receive the best deal possible.
  • We will save you time, as we can submit to all of the banks simultaneously.
  • We fight for the best interest rates and bond repayments for you, so that there is less stress endured by you.

All paperwork is done by us on your behalf.

We can help you with pre-qualification certificates, so that you can truly go house shopping, knowing that the bank will honour a deal within a specific price range.

Aside from the actual legwork, we at Emryn Wealth can also offer great advice on the best way to utilise your access bond facility, and how you can reduce the interest rate and repayment term on your current loan. So, not only do we barter with the bank for the best deal for you and say goodbye once the mission is accomplished, but we further ensure that you can benefit beyond the approval stage.

We are in the Wealth business to share our expertise with you, to ensure that your future is prosperous. We are family focused, and as such, we will go the extra mile to making sure that you are able to leave a truly meaningful legacy behind for those who come after you.