The term ‘estate’ refers to the sum of your accumulated wealth; from the assets you own, and the money you have, to the all of your investments and policies. As astute as you may be when it comes to managing and accumulating wealth while you are alive, you must never forget that it could all amount to nothing, unless you have planned effectively beyond the scope of your lifetime. A legacy takes a lifetime of love and labour to create, so it only stands to reason that you need to ensure that it continues to enrich those you love, even after you can’t anymore. This requires good, professional estate planning.

At Emryn Wealth, our team of professionals is dedicated to the peace of mind of our clients. When the chapter of your life is done, we ensure that the next chapter of your legacy shall endure. Our specialists will guide you through all of the unfamiliar jargon involved with tying up estates, and will guide you through the sometimes complicated and daunting procedures that effective estate planning involves.

  • We will guide you through some of the following:
  • Drafting of wills, and assistance with professional advice in this regard (see Wills).
  • Professional advice, planning, and administration with regards to setting up trusts.
  • Matters regarding succession of property and distribution of other fixed assets.
  • Advice and clarification around powers of appointment and powers of attorney.
  • We can offer sound advice on tax efficient practices that will not only benefit your heirs, but will aid you now. Maximum efficiency in this regard will prevent unnecessary income tax, capital gains tax, and estate duties after death.

Estate planning is not exclusively for the rich. If you own assets, then this service will benefit you, and make the sting of death more bearable for your loved ones when you pass away. We at Emryn Wealth are dedicated to family welfare, and will work hand in hand with you to make the transition as effortless as possible for your family after you are gone.

Although Estate Planning will primarily prepare your affairs for after your death, many of our services can start making an immediate impact on your wealth. Sit down with one of our consultants today and leave it in our capable hands.