Everybody wants to be financially comfortable, and nobody wants to struggle though life. Increasing one’s wealth is the goal of any diligent breadwinner. The plain truth is that the interest received from leaving your money invested in a standard savings pocket at your bank will not yield a truly enriching and worthwhile return, in comparison to various other solutions that are at your disposal. At Emryn Wealth, we are dedicated to ensuring that you get the optimum reward for investing your very hard earned money.

Importance of investing your money

Investments are a vital part of short and long term wealth creation. Your retirement one day, as well as the inheritance that you leave for your loved ones, hinges on how you plan today. What about your child’s tertiary education? University fees run into hundreds of thousands of Rands. Savings are generally needed for these mammoth expenses nowadays, therefore let us make sure that you are able to save in the best way possible, so that you yield the best returns possible, but at the lowest risk possible. We know that you want the best for your children, and as such, let us help you save up so that he they can follow their dreams one day.

Here is an idea of the various investment solution we have for you:

  • Retirement and savings retail products.
  • Endowment plans, retirement annuities, and pension preservers.
  • Asset Management FSP’s products, Unit trusts, and money markets.

We are a relationship based company. As such, we would love to meet with you face to face to sit down and asses, and further develop your personal wealth portfolio with you. We do this because each individual is surrounded by a unique set of circumstances in their life. Once we get together, we can have a look at your current lifestyle and determine what sort of goals you hope to attain with what you have at your disposal. From here, we can establish the correct investment solution, tailor made for you, and put in place the correct risk plan to complement your investment solution.

Our values

Emryn Wealth is dedicated to not only investing your money for profitable returns, but we are also dedicated to investing ourselves towards the welfare of you and your family. The services that we offer are geared towards creating a stable future for you and your loved ones, so that your legacy can live on beyond your lifetime.