Life has no guarantees. As we journey through, unexpected and life altering things can happen along the way. The question you must ask yourself is – “Will myself and my family be in a position to face the unexpected, should it knock on our door.”

Wisdom and diligent planning will go along way towards peace of mind for you and your family members, should you or your spouse pass away, become critically injured in an accident, or contract a severe illness. At Emryn Wealth, we would like to partner with you in your planning, and perhaps share a bit of the wisdom we have accrued in our years of financial planning experience. We are passionate about helping families, and minimising the heartache that is suffered in traumatic experiences.

When talking about Life Assurance, we generally focus on three different catagories:

  • Life Cover

Money could never replace you, but in the event that you should die, a life cover policy would ensure that your family are able to maintain the lifestyle they have now, even when you are gone. We would be honoured to assist you reduce the stress incurred upon your loved ones in the event of your passing.

  • Disability Cover

In the event of a life changing injury, due to an accident, a disability cover would insure that the loss that would normally be accrued through loss of income, and other expenses incurred for various other reasons, like special needs apparatus etc, would be the least of your concerns. We would like to help you insure that the lifestyle of your loved ones remains unaffected in an event where an injury may occur that will change your life.

  • Severe Illness/Dread Disease Cover

In the event that you contract a serious sickness or dread disease, and are unable to work or provide for your family, a dread disease cover will pay out funds in order to provide for your home when you are no longer able to. This sort of peace at mind can help you focus your mind and efforts on recovery rather than on the stresses of financial instability.

Life is full of uncertainty, but one thing you can count on, is that our professional team will be able to sit with you and work out a plan tailor-made to suite your circumstances and lifestyle. Leave your uncertainty in our diligent hands, and rest assured that you and your family are covered.