Aging is inevitable. The golden years of ones life should be the best years. A worthy adventure after decades of hard labour and pressure. Retirement should be looked forward to as a reward for a life well lived.

Retirement not only ensures that your lifestyle can be maintained beyond your days of the ‘9 to 5 grind’, but it also takes the pressure off of your entire family. They needn’t have to worry about having to support you when you are not able to work anymore. This gift to your children ensures that they can expend their efforts on providing for their own children, and ensuring that they succeed in life. Putting in place a good retirement plan can help you ensure that your legacy lives on. Ensuring that you provide for your own retirement, is just one more gift to your family.

There are a variety of different funds and plans available that one can look at when planning for the future. It is important to know that investing in many of these plans and investments can prove very tax efficient as well. For instance – a retirement annuity offers you certain deductions against your tax, which could result in either a lower tax rate paid on your salary, or a tax refund from the South African Revenue Service after your tax submission every year. The investment return is also not taxable.

At Emryn Wealth, we are dedicated to building the wealth of our clients. We have the interest of your entire family at heart, and will therefore guarantee that the service and advice that we give you will not only benefit yourself, but in some way benefit those you love as well.


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Please contact an Emryn Wealth consultant today, so that we can sit with you and give you the best professional advice possible with regards to the optimal way of saving and investing towards your ‘Adventure Years’. Do not put off until tomorrow, what can be done today. The earlier in life one starts, the more wealth one can accumulate by the time they must retire.