Starting a new business is full of various complexities and challenges. Many decisions have to be made in the planning stage which will affect the way that the business operates in the long term. There are a number of terms to familiarise yourself with, and so many laws that you need to have a grasp on. Why take the risk of learning things the hard and more expensive way, when you could call upon an Emryn Wealth Professional to walk along side and aid in every step along the way? We will treat your business like ours, and guide you through each decision that needs to be made towards making your business a resounding success.

If you have already been running a business for a while, but need some help in taking it to the next level, one of our professionals will be able to give you the guidance that you deserve. Whether it be your need to register for VAT, or change from a Sole Proprietor to a Registered Company,need valuable tax advice, or whether you want advice on investment or savings solutions to increase the return on your excess capital- Emryn Wealth has the solution for you.

You concentrate on your business, and let us lighten the load with some of the other ‘nitty gritty’.

Some of the Nitty Gritty we can help with:

  • Tax Registration with SARS for both Annual Income Tax and VAT
  • VAT Submissions
  • Annual Income Tax Submission
  • Staff Taxation queries
  • Other General Tax Advice
  • Investment Solutions
  • Company Registrations
  • CIPD Annual Submissions
  • Business and vehicle Insurance

Each business and business owner is unique, and as such may need unique services to suite their goals. We hope to sit with you and offer you the services that you need specifically to make a success out of your business. Business ownership is loaded with potential for wealth creation, but only if everything is running soundly and efficiently.

At Emryn Wealth, our passion is to increase your stability and help put strong foundations in place to enrich you and your loved ones. We would like to help you leave a glorious and lasting legacy behind for your heirs when you are no longer able to work. We are eager to meet face to face to discuss the wealth of your future. Contact our offices today to set up your consult with one of our business professionals.