The South African Revenue Services is one of the most efficient governmental organisations in the country. The mention of their name, may send a shiver down many a spine, because of their uncompromising attitude towards enforcing tax laws. The truth is, SARS are extremely fair, and only want what is due to them. They are not looking to scam anyone, and are actually very prompt in ensuring that you are rewarded for your diligence in good tax accounting practices. They do not want more than their fair share. Let Emryn Wealth be your diligent choice in tax accounting, to ensure that your fair share is lucrative.

To the untrained person, tax laws and procedures can prove quite daunting. One of the reasons for this is because the tax laws change on a regular basis. Why should you have to worry about their continual changes, when you should be exerting energy into your business or personal wealth plan. Emryn Wealth exists for this very reason – to ensure that you, your business and your family are kept safe on all financial fronts. Wealth is our game, and tax efficiency is a big part of wealth planning. We offer our services to ease the minds of individuals and businesses that are in need of tax professionals (who are up to date on current tax laws) to aid them in staying on the right side of the law, and to ensure that they are able to maximise their tax benefits, legally..

Don’t pay more tax than you ought to.. Let us help you legally save where you can. Saving of any kind is valuable for your financial future, as these funds could be invested in other ways to reap great rewards for you in the short and long term. At Emryn Wealth we are dedicated to ensuring the maximum financial benefit for you and your loved ones within the scope of the law. Every Penny spared is a victory for us, as we understand that money is important to you.

Some of our core tax related services offered:

  • Personal and Business Tax Advice and tips on staying tax efficient.
  • Personal Tax registrations and submissions
  • Annual Business returns
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) for your businesses
  • Registering your business with SARS
  • Applications for tax directives
  • Appeals processes to SARS

Emryn Wealth is focused on your family. Although Tax is mandatory, it should not be a burden to you. An Emryn Wealth professional is looking forward to meeting with you to discuss the wealth of your and your family’s future.